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what uppppppp, my beautiful 2019 couple.

I'M SO BEYOND HAPPPPPPPPPY you've found me here in internet land!!!!!! I know it can be big and scary, and holy moly are we about to break that stereotype and have some FUN!!!!! I mean c'mon, you're planning your freaking wedding, giiiirl!!! Let's make this a fun and enjoyable experience. 

I want you to get to know me a little bit before we dive into everything, because I feel its suuuuper important that we become friends!!! I am a 23 year old mama and wifey living in Northern California, and I've been shooting for my whole life (or so it feels). I'd be absolutely thrilled to capture your wedding day. My husband and I offer full service wedding day photography + videography combo packages, which are def the hottest on the market right now!!! 

You must know, that leading up to your wedding day, as well as the day of, I'll be your GO-TO person. I'm talking cups of water, helping you pee, bustling your dress, holding your belongings, telling uncle Dave to sit down during the ceremony, eating all the cake with you, and of course dancing our freaking hearts out when 'living on a prayer' starts playing. I'm not just your hired Wedding Photographer, but someone who truly cares about you having the best day of your life, a reality. 

We are sooooo pumped to get to know you and make sure we hit it off from the start!!!! If you're ready to fill out a wedding inquiry, click here!!

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