your wedding day should be the adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

A few reasons why I’m drawn to destination weddings, it’s not about a ‘free trip’ or to show off on instagram…

I love destination weddings because I loveeeee how intimate the weddings are. I literally get to know every single one of your guests, and they get to know me. Every person at your wedding, is there because they care about you two SO much, and I love witnessing that. I am a mother, so I only take a few destination weddings per year, I really hope yours is one of them!!!! <3

So before we get started, I just wanted to say a quick hello before you go through my twenty-twenty destination wedding guide!!!! It’s soooo important to me that we vibe well together, and create a FRIENDSHIP!!! I’m not going to be everyone’s photographer, it’s just not how this works!! You may loooooove my photos + videos, but at the end of the day, we may just be two different people, and thats totally okay!!! I want you to find your absolute dream photographer that makes you be like “OH MY GOSH I’M DEADDDDDDD” looking at their images, but also that your personalities match up. ‘Cause I’m gonna be honest, the day is going to be WAYYYYY more easy going, and fun if you love me for me, AND my work!!!!!!

sooo with that in mind, let me tell you a little bit more about ME. This is basically going to be my tinder profile to you, either you’ll swipe right, or swipe left!! LOL. Here we go. :)


+I’m a full time mother, dog mama and wife, first and foremost!

+I grew up in the PNW, but now live in Northern California. I’ve found a deep love for both homes of mine. I have a small tattoo on my wrist to remind me of them. Its a mountain going into a wave.

+ I’m a super easy going individual. But I’m also a planner, I love to be over-prepared, than under. I also like to be WAY early, to everything, because my mom was always late to everything growing up, so I try to counteract that now! LOL

+I love animals, like a loooooooot. So bring your dogs to your engagement pictures, okay thanks bye!!!!!

+I’m superrrrrrrrr outdoorsy. But not like your 10 mile hike, pee in a cup and make filtered water kinda gal, but more like being outside barefoot running around the beach or mountains.

+I'm loud and crazy. Or so I’ve been told. ;)

+I might seem suuuuper outgoing, but I can totes do a 4 day streak of Netflix in my favorite pair of sweats and not washing my hair kinda thing. So basically trying to tell you I’m also a homebody

If any of those facts made you say “yassssssss” then lets do this thinggggg!!!!!!




 2020 destination packages


Silver Wedding Collection

8hr Wedding Day coverage - Minimum of 500 edited Images

Flight + Hotel + Transportation Included


White gold Wedding Collection

8hr Wedding Day coverage - Minimum of 500 edited Images - 1 HR Day after session

Flight + Hotel + Transportation Included


rose gold Wedding Collection

Full Wedding Weekend Coverage (rehearsal day before wedding coverage, day of, and 1 hr day after session)

10hr Wedding Day coverage - Minimum of 500 edited Images

Flight + Hotel + Transportation Included


add video to any Wedding Collection

5-7 min highlight film - raw ceremony coverage - raw toast coverage




I’m sure the wheels are turnin’ so lets get those burning questions answered right here for ya!!!



Through my business program ‘HoneyBook’, you’ll receive a detailed contract along with an invoice. The total cost of your package is split into three payments. Once you receive the contract, you’ll have 7 days to read it over, verify the information, sign and pay your first retainer. Your second retainer is due midway between the date of your wedding, and the day you signed your contract. Your third retainer is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure all travel fees have been covered and I’m ready to come adventure and party with you for your wedding day destination!!!

All payments are accepted by debit/credit with honey book or by venmo. Once your first retainer is paid, your date is officially booooookeddddd yayyyy!!!!!!

Q: “what is a day after session?”

Great question!!! The day after session can be as casual or steamy as you’d like. It’s a way to capture you newly weds in your first hours on the very first day as Mr. + Mrs!!!! Its so fun to do these types of sessions with my couples especially because of feedback I’ve received. Some couples say in their first year, after arguments or fights, they’ll look at their wedding photos and their day after session and remember how special those moments were to them. The ‘honeymoon stage’ of your marriage won’t last forever, but these photographs bring you back to those moments and help you remember just how special the two of you are together.

Some simple day after sessions can be…

-breakfast in bed with bae

-small hike/adventure with bae

Or as steamy as…

-bubble bath with bae

-showering with bae

-private pool/hot tub with bae



Q: “Do we book all your travel for you?”

Nope!! To make it much easier for you, you simply pay your three retainers, and let mama Kayla do the rest of the hard work for you!!! This also gives me the flexibility to book at my leisure and make sure I have all my ducks in a row back home!! For example, if I need a sitter for my baby boy or pup! So no, you won’t have to worry about booking my travel, I’ll do all of that for you! I’ll just need the simple information of which airport to fly into, & venue address!!



ready to book? Let’s freakin do it!