I was recently asked “Who are you”

I responded with wife, mother, photographer…

But that is simply the surface of who I am.

As I thought deeper and harder about this question, I finally came to the conclusion that I am someone who is extremely loving. I care about people A LOT. I’m outgoing, and bubbly, and when I talk, I’m constantly trying to make people laugh and smile. I’m nurturing, and a leader. I’m a strong willed individual, who will try to do everything myself first before asking for help. I’m a planner, but I also just love going with the flow.

I’m in love with the tops of mountains, and the wide open grassy valleys. I love being barefoot in the grass on a late summer night. Bonfires, road trips, traveling all bring me immense happiness. I was once broken in a past relationship. I didn’t know it at the time, but once the relationship ended, I started to realize how negatively I thought about myself. Hardly looking into a mirror, and never loving what I saw. It wasn’t until I picked up a camera and started shooting, that I started to see the beauty around me. I still felt I had little worth, until I met my now husband, Truth. It was a gradual process, but years after this horrible breakup did I start to build confidence again. I found the love of my life, my husband, who continually pushes me to be better in my craft every single day. Everyday I strive for my photos to encapsulate raw genuine emotion, and broadcast JOY. In an extremely broken world, I love to think that if my photographs can bring even a hint of joy to those who hire me, then I’ve contributed to making this world a better place. I know what its like to feel broken, and I hope my images can help you feel beautiful, or see beauty.

As a mother, every time I’m at a wedding, I see myself dancing with my son, during the mother + son dance. It makes me cry, I smile, and I laugh to myself. I see each of these emotions in the mother holding her grown son, as they dance to the sweetest songs. I capture these moments thinking about this mother who will soon look back on these images and relieve the last moment holding her son before he starts his new married life. I’m convinced I have the greatest job on earth, capturing these moments so they can be cherished for years and years to come.

Some fun facts about me...I love sushi, sunshine, road trips, sour patch kids, and the freakin' lion king is my fav movie...everrrr. Besides my obvious love for photography, I love to go to the movies, play video games, explore new cities, hike, and be with my friends and family. This sounds like a tinder bio, but I promise it's about to get less cliche.

I currently live in Northern California, but I'm originally from Washington State, born and raised (GO SEAHAWKS). My husband and I met in elementary school, and got married in 2013. We welcomed our sweet boy, Liam, into the world in Jan 2018, and we have a beautiful German Shepherd named luna.

My entire life has been spent passionately behind the camera. I used to take photos of myself, friends, family, everyday until I finally went head first into full time Wedding Photography in 2016. I never believed in my craft. I thought for sure that photography would forever be my 'hobby' and I'd be forced to work a 'normal' 9-5 job somewhere. I knew deep down that those types of jobs were not made for me. I love to create!!

Starting from nothing, and creating something. That is the most magical thing in the world. I've fallen in love with the world around me, and love showcasing that with each of my couples. Whether you’re getting married with every friend in your life, or eloping just the two of you in a magical place. If it's the mountains, valleys, beaches, or deserts, I'm your there!!!

Sound like we could be a good match?