ohhhh hiiii!!!!!!

We shall skip past the hello I’m Kayla, photography is my passion, and I love long walks to the fridge, and get right to the point.

Photography has always been about one thing to me, capturing the beauty in peoples lives. Everyday, I work with strangers, who become lifelong friends. I’m invited into the most intimate day of their lives, to laugh with them, to cry with them, and to celebrate with them. Wedding photography has always been my dream job, working from home, traveling, and experiencing life through a lens. What I didn’t expect to gain from this career field, was how many countless memories I’ve made with the friends who’ve hired me. Plenty of selfies, FaceTime calls at 2am, getting to know parents/aunts/uncles/childhood friends, inside jokes, giving and receiving Christmas cards… When you hire me, I’m not just a wedding photographer who shows up to do a job…

I want to come into your life, cultivate a friendship, be your go to person on the best day of your life, and the days to follow. I’m there to capture your moments, and encapsulate them for you. I’m there from the moment you say I Do, and beyond.