Joe + Jess

What can I even say about these two??


Two of my bestest friends are engaged!!!!!!!!!!! I'll shout it from the rooftops!! I could not be more excited for these two amazing, caring, hilarious, selfless, amazing humans to become husband and wife!!! They have never taken professional photos together before, so both of them had NO idea what to expect. Once I showed them a few previews, they instantly couldn't stop gushing over them!!! But not just gushing over the photos, but gushing over each other too!! Constantly saying "omggg look at you!!! you're so cute!!" and Joe saying "why did you say YES to me!?!?! You're such a babe!!!". They're so head over heels for each other, and you can see that when they look at each other. Clearly I'm going to be balling like a baby on their wedding day. <3 I LOVE YOU GUYS.