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It all started when...

        ...I picked up my first camera. Seeing someone on the other end of it light up when they saw just how amazing they looked on my end. I love making people feel beautiful. I believe God has planted a seed into my heart to serve others, and to make an impact on this world through my passion for photography.

       These destinations are places I've always dreamed of traveling to. Not only would it be a dream come true to see these places through the eyes of the people that grew up in them, but to also make connections, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to photograph a different place and culture would make my heart stop with joy.


united states

New York City, New York*

Oahu, Hawaii*

Salt Lake City, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

Las Vegas, Nevada

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado*

North Carolina*


Colombus, Ohio

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Phoenix, Arizona

Anchorage, Alaska*



Sydney, Australia*

Athens, Greece*

Dublin, Ireland*

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil*

London, United Kingdom*

Paris, France*

Madrid, Spain*

Reykjavik, Iceland*

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Germany*

Copenhagen, Denmark*


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